Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So Far

so far
the Panamerican Highway
that the faint whine
of diesel
mutes the crash
of Pacific foam
that nibbles
at four
beach umbrellas

since 1999
each year
meter by meter
the shanties of Villa Mar
their sandy precipice
inching toward water
in a decrepit stumble
toward development

the stench of waste
is less strong here
by a soaring waft of brine

the breathlessness
and furrowed brows
of Villa Mar’s early days
have frayed
replaced by the boring ache
and grind
of hauling water
and scavenging dignity

a little girl
too young to enroll in

snot hangs from nostrils
like fixtures
penny barrettes
in her clean hair
sand sprinkles
lime-dandelion fleece
and pink pants

shy to talk
eager to play
at my side
near company
and the intrigue
of a new face

and she bolts
off to adventure
by the misery
that awaits
once she awakens
to how her needs are
so far
from met
Lima, Perú


shailja said...

Thank you, Pablo. Those final lines, and the little girl, will stay with me.

One of your strengths as a poet is the courage to tackle subjects that daunt most of us into silence, because of their enormity and complexity. "Channel Pablo and just dive in!" is one of my writing maxims :-)

greendesignbuild said...

Nice. You brought me right there.

Matt Brockwell said...

strong work Dr. Dosh

(that's kind of an inside joke, because that's the phrase surgeons use when they want to praise each other, but in this case you're the other kind of doctor, but equally committed to helping other people. a surgeon of the politicoeconomic world, using words as your light and your blade)

say hi to Andrea and Minty for me!

best - MJB

Fantômas said...

Date una vuelta por mi blog!

Soy del Montón

Un abrazo.

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing so beautifully what you are seeing. I miss you, Andrea, Ara, and hearing your poetry at the Starry Plough!