Thursday, June 19, 2008


Downtown La Paz. Double-clicking on each photo will let you see a great deal more detail in each image.

Pablo, César, and Nicole at Dumbo's restaurant, a place characterized by great Bolivian food and, as you might guess, a large flying elephant. The latter seems to keep all non-Bolivians at bay, as they perhaps can't imagine a place named after Dumbo meriting their attention.

Mujeres Creando, our anarcho-feminist home away from home. The building is named "Virgin de los Deseos" (Virgin of Desires).

View of La Paz from up in El Alto.


jerryolive said...

Interesting fuschia colored building. My first thought was that it reminded me of a cat house. Glad to know it's not. Are the colors inside the house as brilliant?

Don/Dad said...

Where does concern over the level of pollution you describe and seen in the photos fit into the priorities among activists and the general public?